Writing Sample

Please download my writing sample from here and have a look!

1.  An Overview of Inclusive Education in the United States- Book Chapter

2.  US-Plan_to_improve_its_STEM_Education

3.  How to Motivate U.S. Students to Pursue STEM Careers

4.  Collaborative Middle School Geometry through Blogs and other Web-2.0 Technologies

5.  Building Web 2.0-Based Collaborative Environments for Teaching-Learning High School Geometry

6.  A Web 2.0-Based Collaborative Model for Multicultural Education

7.  Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Blogging Activity in College Euclidean Geometry

8.  Experience from the Implementation of a Web 2.0-based Collaborative Model

9.  Prospective U.S. Mathematics Teachers’ Engagement in Hand-held Cellular Devices and Web 2.0 Activities; and their Perception of Using these Technologies for Teaching-Learning Purposes

10.  Examining Prospective U.S. Preservice Secondary Mathematics Teachers’ Contributions to a Blogging Activity

11.  Examining Relationships between Preservice Mathematics Teachers’ Time Spent on the Internet and their Perceptions

12.  Examining Relationships between Preservice Mathematics Teachers’ Gender and their Perceptions




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  1. Glenn says:

    Thank you for posting these articles. I have actually been trying to find the two articles with Dr. Quinn for a while, and as a high school teacher am blocked from access without paying. I do appreciate greatly the pdf’s!. Thank you very much.

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