::Frequently Asked Questions::
Many of my fellow students, friends, family members, and even unknown people ask me questions, regarding their interest and inquiry about admission in a US university. Here are a few that are asked very frequently. You may get some useful information from here:

FAQ: How can I get admission in a US University? 
My Common Response: Well, it is a very good and the most common and frequent question. To get admission in a US university, first of all, you need good scores in TOEFL/IELTS and and GRE. Be prepared for these, then contact to the university Graduate School, International Student Office, Department, and Professors.

FAQ: Do I need to go to a professor/department first?
My Common Response: Directly going to the departments without prior appointment here in the US universities, is not a way to get admission. Unlike the BD universities, the Graduate Schools are the concern authorities for admission purpose. Better, contact the GS first and the professors as well.

FAQ: My GRE is quite low. But there’re some universities which don’t have any minimum requirements. I’ve contacted with their Program Coordinators. Like University of Texas, San Antonio. And other universities do not want any GRE score. Like California State, Northridge. What are the features of these universities. Do they offer sufficient funding for accommodation, as they dont want GRE score. Is this related to providing funding?

Could you please tell me, how much job facility is there after a Masters or PhD in Instructional Technology? Or should i focus on interdisciplinary/hybrid field as I mentioned in initial mail? As I mentioned you my current situation, I need to focus on Job facility there, you are the one who can guide and tell me the academic field that has ample job openings.


FAQ: What is the probability of getting admission and TA/RA/GA with my current credential.

My Common Response:  Currently, I am working now out of the University could not open your papers from the jurnal’s database, unless you attahch me your papers. But I am confident, upon satisfactory TOEFL/IELTS and GRE scores you are good to get a Graduate Admission at a US university like, ua.edu or unr.edu. The corresponding Graduate School along with a departmental Graduate Director , may or may not be the Head of the dept, collectively deal with the admission system and once you are admitted the department/individual professor selects potential student(s).

You can search for the UA CS professors on this page: http://cs.ua.edu/people/


FAQ: Would you please evaluate my profile for direct PhD admission in CS/ECE dept.?

My Common Response:  Most of the US universities accept IELTS but they prefer TOEFL. An at least 6.5/7.0 IELTS score is expected for funding opportunity. Yes, GRE is required for Graduate (MS or PhD) admission.

For the English section, it is acceptable for international students to have lower than 150 but for the math section it is expected to have about 180-185. Actually, admission and funding depend on overall credentials, GPA, GRE and TOEFL/IELTS scores, publications, letter of recommendations, etc.


FAQ: My current score Quant 156, Verbal 141, AWA 3.00. What is the average score who are accepted for PhD admission?

My Common Response:  Your GRE scores seem to me a bit lower for achieving PhD admission and assistantship in CS/CSE.

Comparing with these pages: I would urge you to retake it.



However, you can submit your application and hope/try for the best.

One more thing, please apply in a number of universities. I would say 8-10, if possible.




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    Thank you sir for your effort

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