1.  The Holy Quran [Bangla] (.pdf File)

2.  The Glory of Allah (PowerPoint Presentation)

3.  De we truly appreciate the Glory of Allah??  (PowerPoint Presentation)

4.  Night Prayers-Witr,Tahajjud,andTaraweeh (PowerPoint Presentation)

5.  Signs_of_science_in-al-quran (PowerPoint Presentation)

6.  Sky and Earth (PowerPoint Presentation)

7. (Online Link)

8.  The Dead Sea in Jordan (YouTube Video)

9.  The Secrets of the Dead Sea (YouTube Video)

10.  Will a 14-lb. Bowling Ball Float in the Dead Sea? (YouTube Video)

11.  Dead Sea Floating …. a demonstration (YouTube Video)

12.  Dead Sea Cosmetics (YouTube Video)

13.  The Miracle of the Holy Quran (YouTube Video)

14.  Meeting of the Two Rivers in Brazil (YouTube Video)

15.  Merging Oceans: Where two oceans meet (YouTube Video)

15.  Meeting of the Waters p1 2010 (YouTube Video)

16.  World’s Largest Holes (YouTube Video)

17.  Last Speech of Prophet Mohammad ﷺ (FaceBook Video)

18.  Last Speech of Prophet Mohammad ﷺ (YouTube Video)

19.  Last Speech of Prophet Mohammad ﷺ (Website Link)

20.  Last Speech of Prophet Mohammad ﷺ (Wikipedia Online)

21.  The Final Moments of Prophet Mohammad ﷺ (YouTube Video)

22. The life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ before Prophethood (YouTube Video)

23. An amazing bird: parrot (Facebook Video).





**.  কোরানের অনুরূপ সুরা কি মানুষ লিখতে পারে না ? [An atheist’s Blog (May Allah guide him!)]




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